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Pikes Peak or Bust 1997/ USA Audi-Fest '97

In message <199612131446.JAA07038@dingo.webo.dg.com> cpalmer@dingo.webo.dg.com (Chris Palmer) writes:

>  Just wanted to remind you of what someone else on the list posted
>  a while back.
>  Apparently the Pikes Peak organisers for this big commemerative
>  year have banned any cars less thna 20 years old. This effectively
>  rules out the Audis (no durn furriners!). So there may be no Audi
>  competition presence for you to watch!!

Yes, I saw that.  But they also asked to be put in touch with Michele
and Walter, which we have done.

Besides - if there are no Audis _running_ - we stand to get lots of
media attention if anyone asks WHY NOT?

 Phil Payne

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