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S4 for sale in Knoxville, TN

Seller has this in the quattro marketplace page.  I asked him a few 
questions and although it's not a wagon (what I am looking for) thought 
I would let you all know its out there.  This is his response to my 

The car has never been in an accident.  All of the service was done 
under warranty at Harper's Audi in Knoxville, Tennessee.  There has 
been no work done outside of the warranty (3 years or 50,000 miles).  
The car is due for a 7500 mile service soon.  If you are interested or 
want any more information let me know.  I love the S4 but am getting a 
new A8 on December 23 and will have to sell mine before then.  If you 
want to call me my home number is 423-588-3113 and work is 

Paul Kaufman