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Toys for Christmas

Drove a 540i sport 6spd last nite with all the toys....  Impressive?  Like
wow!!!  If this is the direction BMW is taking, we all better get our hands
on 20v turbos now!!  17X8, huge brakes, very CR 6spd, this thing just plain
flew...  Raced against an M3, a new Z28, and the competition wasn't even
close.......   My ex-pro rally navigator bought it (formerly owed one of the
first 95 M3's), and is sitting pretty with his o'covetted one...  55 grand,
but about every toy imaginable, did I say it was fast?  

Now the folks are awaiting the Z3 6 banger, complained about the $5k up they
were charged, assured them that the price is worth every penny (17in wheels
too)...  Audi content?  My christmas gift arrived at the house yesterday
morning...   Late '84 ur-q....  Thanks Santa, how did you know?....    Tweeks
to come, for sure.....

'87 5ktqRS2  Black
'87 5ktqRS2  Pearl
'84 Ur-q         Tornado