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Re: Toys for Christmas

If BMW can sell 540i's then there certainly should be a market for the S6
Plus. But then again we are talking about an older chasis for the S6. I
can't wait til the new A6/S6 comes out. It would be like the end of the
Audi Renaissance that started with the A4 in the U.S.
BTW I got my butt kicked by a Mercedes E50 by AMG. Now that car was the
"bomb!" The girl driving it wasn't bad either.

93 100S. . .that wishes it was a S4 
Lanham, Md 

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Drove a 540i sport 6spd last nite with all the toys....  Impressive?  Like
> wow!!!  If this is the direction BMW is taking, we all better get our hands
> on 20v turbos now!!  17X8, huge brakes, very CR 6spd, this thing just plain
> flew...  Raced against an M3, a new Z28, and the competition wasn't even
> close.......   My ex-pro rally navigator bought it (formerly owed one of the
> first 95 M3's), and is sitting pretty with his o'covetted one...  55 grand,
> but about every toy imaginable, did I say it was fast?