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Re: Help-Looking for Audi 90 rear spoiler

>From: ScharfR@aol.com
>Date: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 16:11:52 -0500
>Subject: Re: Help-Looking for Audi 90 rear spoiler
>In a message dated 96-12-13 00:46:57 EST, RELAYER@aol.com writes:
> 1.-will the 1993-95 90 Quattro Sport's spoiler fit the 1988-1992 90?
> 2.-does anyone know of a boneyard with a 90Q with spoiler intact?
> (and willing to help me out?) 3.-any other places I should look at?

I have heard that due to the scarcity of 90Qs the boneyards are 
holding onto these.  There is one here in Phoenix that wants (I 
think) $200-$300 for the spoiler...
>Your friendly Audi dealer has an accessory look-alike spoiler
>available to fit your car.  It is made of plastic instead of the
>original aluminum and is much more reasonably priced.  The only
>cosmetic difference between the accessory and OEM is that the plastic
>spoiler has two small verical supports in the center.  The original
>was free-standing in the center and only attached at the ends.  Look
>closely at a a variety of 90's and you'll probably find that a number
>of them are the "cost-effective" replacement.

My '88 90Q has an original spoiler (Standard on the Quattro), made
from steel or aluminium, which has the two "small verical supports"
neaer the center of the spoiler.  Maybe later ones are different....


Allan D. Morris
Phoenix, AZ
1988 90Q