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right tie rod removal - coupe

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

So I'm out there, in the dark as usual ... removing the wheels and tires
from my parts coupe to put them on my car, and I decide to fool around with
the tie rod a bit.  The outside end looks easy.  So I undo the nuts from the
inside end, and the whole thing is sort of Rube Goldberg'd together.  The
vertical bolts holding the rack to the tie rod bracket don't seem to want to
pull out, and the horizontal bolts, the ones that hold each tie rod and are
an assembly, won't come out until the bracket is removed.  Any clues? (for
the clueless)  I suppose I will read Mr Bentley a little more tonight, hope
either it or one of you will shed some light for me.

Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers