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Oil sensor light, Helli Lights and Lite Lights

Dear Fellow (non-gender spcific) Q-listers.

Just trying to be PC.  Some of my best friends are women.

1. The oil sensor light comes on sometimes when I hit a bump.  Pressue in
bars is normal on the analog gauge.  Where is this blasted sensor located?
Can I trash it (I always watch gauges--Uncle Sam tought me to do that!)  Or
should I make an offering and buy one from the Audi Gods via Linda?  Does
this thing just sense pressure or lack thereof, or oil level, or both???

2.  I did convert the 1990 200TQS Pristine Beauty's miserable headlights to
Euros.  $1,400 and change, and worth it 'cause we have moose up heah in
Verd-mont.  However, think I'll go with Helli driving lights stuck on the
bumper and wired to the fog light switch.  Any particular model
recommended?  Where is the lead from the fog light switch, and will it
carry the amps okay.

3.  On **both** 1990 200s, I have experienced mechanical or corosion
failure of the fusable link that "protects' the electric rad. fan.  In both
cases, I replaced with a plastic housed fuse of the right amperage.  This
is the type where the fuse is actually in it's own little square case and
has two terminals coming out the bottom with holes on both lugs.  The lugs
can be bent neatly (of course, or otherwise risk the rath of the A-Gods!)
to fit over the terminals.  This fusable link is about one foot from the
electric fan motor in the direction of the driver and is attached to the
side of the panel.  It was housed in a small plastic box.  Not a bad idea
to replace.  Either that, or carry an 18 ga. insulated wire with alligator
clips with you in the glove compartment for I promise you- - - that fuse
*will* someday fail.

Direct replys to my email if you think your response to the list would be a
waste of bandwidth.  And TIA.

Doug Terman
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.

1990 200 tqs (license SOAR)
1990 200 tqw (license GOFER)