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Re: Oil sensor light, Helli Lights and Lite Lights

In a message dated 96-12-15 01:23:17 EST, you write:

> 1. The oil sensor light comes on sometimes when I hit a bump.  Pressue in
>  bars is normal on the analog gauge.  Where is this blasted sensor located?
>  Can I trash it (I always watch gauges--Uncle Sam tought me to do that!)
>  should I make an offering and buy one from the Audi Gods via Linda?  Does
>  this thing just sense pressure or lack thereof, or oil level, or both???

LH side of the block. It's a round thing about 50mm in dia, has two
terminals. One - analogue sender, second - on-off idiot light switch. Was
~$50 in my case this Summer.
You have a slim hope that maybe just a wire came loose or the terminal is
badly corroded and you are getting an intermittent contact on the bumps.
If not - you'll have to replace the whole bloody thing.

You'll also need a special socket to do that.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ