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Re:urq vs 200's???

>You must remember that Eric is a former professional racer, and Graydon is a
>current racer. Scott J. (PDQSHIP) and Ned can and have tweaked about every
>bit of HP out of a 10V available (Neds beast puts out 400+, PDQ isn't
>talking but I would say a conservative 300+).  Ned even sez the 10V has
>better potential than the 20V. Those big Audi four doors can be set up quite
>nice for the track. Eric sells the suspension that everyone raves about.
>Virtually any track selected over here will be completely known and sorted
>out by them. Quite different than dancing along back roads. Put it all
>together - driver, setup, and dialed in tracks and you have a recipe for

There you go giving away all the secrets!  BTW I'm still Racing for real!


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.

St. Louis, Mo