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Re: Pikes Peak or Bust 1997/ USA Audi-Fest '97

>>> Don't worry your going to loose it to a 5KCSTQ owner.........
>>I mentioned this thread to Roger Galvin last night - his was the 200TQ I 
>>crawled all over the back of a week or two ago.
>>He also has an ur-quattro.  I'll spare the list his _exact_ words, but they 
>>were derisive. 
>Just put up or shut up.....

Hmmm ... I've been biting my tongue until now but this has gone too far:
Eric, you DON'T have to rise to EVERY challenge, especially ones that were
clearly good-natured and made in jest!  Personally, I'd LOVE to see these
cars on the road here in the US and I'd hate to think your "mine is bigger
than yours" attitude might be cause for Phil & Co. to rethink their plans
... lighten up a little, okay?

BTW, in my dreams, I've been thinking about taking a similar trip but in
reverse, shipping my car over to the UK for a couple of weeks ... has anyone
ever done this?  I assume there's some red tape on the UK side that I would
have to deal with as well but compared to the cost of renting one with
similar performance (and what is the point of a "driving holiday"
otherwise?), it looks like it might even be cost-effective if the trip lasts
longer than, say, two weeks.  Like I said, it's only a dream (especially
since I've managed to take only four days off this year, two of which were
spent repairing my car!) but any wisdom or guidance will be appreciated. 
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