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Red light Green light

>From Sean.
[snipped for brevity]

The Green light only means you have Johnny law and the insurance company on
YOUR side when you go for financial settlement. Time spent in recovery or
hospital is still the same regardless of traffic light color.

I usually expect the moron to not yield right of way. Sometimes, I can be
the moron. But I do not drive through red lights or STop signs just because
there is no policeman to give me a ticket.

>It's a two way road -- I've been as thankful of the other drivers who
>have been more alert than, as I have been when I was on the other side
>of that fence.  In a perfect world, traffic would flow according to
>the rules all the time.  It's hardly perfect though, so everyone needs
>to be alert to preventing accidents.  A green light may or may not mean
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