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Right Hand Drive conversion on ur-quattro

In message <v01530500aed97f6c8e8f@[]> firkins@eis.net.au (John Firkins) writes:

>>> Is it possible?


>>> Is it practical?
> Sorry Phil
> Your wrong. Its actually a straight foward & practical conversion. My 82
> was converted and I know of at least 6 others in Australia.
> The parts are all readily available at the local wrecking yards. Basically
> you graft the complete firewall from a 5+5 into your Ur-q.

I stand by my comments.  It _is_ possible.

But with fourteen right hand drive cars for sale in the current UK newsletter, 
it's hardly practical.  Sell the LHD, buy one of the UK RHDs and spend the 
money you save on renovations and tweaks. The bulkhead is a pretty significant 
component, and swapping one out to the satisfaction of someone like me is a 
major ($$$$) job.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club