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RE: Headlight relays

I'll have to look that one up in the archives.

I have identical relays and wiring setups from the post to Euro
headlights on both sides and I'm still getting that damn bulb out
warning. The only thing I can think of checking would be that there's
somehow less draw due to resistance in the wiring (am I grasping for
straws here?) from the driver's side...

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

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>In a message dated 96-12-14 01:23:11 EST, you write:
>>  I suggested to them that I might put resistors in the place of the
>>  current bulbs in the non-relayed side to avoid this anoyance
>Don't do it. You'll be generating a lot of heat, wasting energy. There is a
>more elegant solution to your problem.
>>  Anyone have any  thoughts/experience?
>Check the archives for my recent post to Al Powell "Re: Two questions". 
>Igor Kessel
>'89 200TQ with 560w of H4/H3 euro-light