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Re: electronics questions

In a message dated 96-12-09 10:37:51 EST, wheelman@shore.net (Lee Levitt)

> 1. I'm thinking about hardwiring a garage door opener into my 200. The
>  garage door opener runs on a 9 v battery, and the old passports came with
>  9 v adapters...can I simply run + to + and - to - and power this opener? I
>  plan on putting a switch in the circuit and permanently completing the
>  circuit inside the opener...the external momentary switch would provide
>  power to the opener, and would be the only visible portion of the whole
>  thing...everything else will get tucked away under the dash. Thoughts?

I've tried it and did not like it (I do not like to have more than 1 remote
control, either at home or in the car). Here's what I did:

I have installed Prestige APS200 alarms ($100/ea) in my both cars with full
remote capabilities (love Prestige, not worse than an Alpine, but far more
reliable and significantly less expensive). The remotes are fully programable
with 3 frequencies on 2 bottons. I also have a garage door interface ($50),
that can be programmed to work on the same frequency, as the alarm's remote.

So now each of my tiny alarm's remotes performs the following functions:

Button 1: his car lock/unlock
Button 2: her car lock/unlock
Button 1+2: garage door open/close

Very handy, higly recommended!

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ