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Re: Brake Problem

In a message dated 96-12-11 01:38:40 EST, Twain.Mein@wellsfargo.com (Mein,
Twain) writes:

> Yesterday and a few weeks ago, while doing spirited, hilly descents
>  steep and long), my handbrake light (the red one) flashed on a few times.
>  I thought that there was an amber sensor that told when brake pads were 
>  getting thin/should be replaced. Anyone know what this light means?


top off the brake fluid reservoir. The level drops down as you wear the pads.
They are not worn out yet, they have only lost several mm of thickness since
you've topped off the reservoir the last time.
Also top off the P/S reservoir with Pentosin. Your brake booster works off
the P/S pump on hydrolic pressure.
The brake pads wear indicator shows up as an icon (for Canada) or "BRAKES"
(for US) is in the main computer window located in the centre of your

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ