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urq vs 200's???

Phil Payne wrote:

> Bit of a mystery to me, too, and to Roger.  The 200TQ is much more 
> than the ur-quattro, of course - the latter shares many parameters with a 
> simple housebrick.  But that doesn't really count for much at speeds much 
> general Autobahn levels.  I've had 145mph (indicated) out of my MB.

Having both cars I'd say the ur-quattro will lick the 200 avant up to 
100mph but thereafter the 200 has the edge.  The most I've ever had out of 
my ur quattro (WR) was the same - 145mph, but the 200 (which is the later 
200bhp 1B as opposed to the earlier 182bhp) I've had up to 155mph and that 
wasn't going down a big hill.  Having also had a V8 I'd say the 200 is 
faster than that as well, although I think that was probably down to the 
power sapping auto box.  The 200 is also a whole lot more pleasant and 
relaxing to drive at high speed on the autobahn but on our twisty roads in 
the north of Scotland I'd sooner have the ur-q any day.

Philip Ross