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Factory Fog switch/Connections - Help!

I just recently installed a set of Hella XLs (and thanks to those who helped
me decide that these are a great set of lights... you were right!! They are
awesome!! I can't imagine driving without them now!! It is literally like
"night and day"!!)

After struggling a bit with the install on the front bumper (that's a bit of
a story, I'll spare the bandwith), they are finally up and running okay
(although a fine-tuning for aim is still in order). I have them wired right
now to the switch that came with the kit, but want to hook them up to a
factory fog light switch and place it appropriately in the dash with the
other switches.

I thought that this would be a simple three wire hook-up (like the Hella
switch... ground, power, and supply), but was disappointed to see 5
pins/connectors on the back of the factory switch. Of course, since it is
supposed to fit in with an OEM wiring harness, it is not marked to show what
I need in order to hook it up. Naturally, so far, the dealer I bought it
from (Valley Motors here in MD... yes Mark, I agree with your caution about
them...) has been no help with looking up the wiring diagram for me.

So, I figured that I would consult with a far better resource that may
provide my answer in a quicker, more polite, professional manner... yeah,
the quattro list!!

With that said, can anyone tell me what the 5 pins represent on a factory
fog light switch (for a '92 100S... or are they all the same? Did they
change from prior models?) ? As I stated above, I need to know which is
ground, which one goes to power (+), and which one goes out to the relay.

On the back of the switch, the 5 pins are numbered. There are actually 6 pin
positions, but # 3 is empty/has no pin.

Here is a rough drawing of the back of the switch (I hope this lines up

     1   2   3
     _   _   

          _   _   _

          4   5   6

Any help is appreciated. If no one knows what they represent, can anyone
tell me if they have done this, and how they hooked it up? Is there a way I
can determine all this with a multi-meter?

Thanks in advance.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S