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Ten Best Automaker websites - NOT Audi

It should come as no surprise that Audi is not mentioned....

	DETROIT, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- A marketing firm that studied automakers on  
the Internet said Thursday Toyota has the best web page for 
cybershoppers, followed by BMW, Lexus and Honda. 
	Automotive Marketing Consultants also includes three General Motors  
brands, Chrysler's Jeep and Ford on its Top 10 list of automotive 
	The websites were ranked for user-friendliness, graphic quality,  
sound and video capabilities, and interaction. 
	But the firm did not study the effectiveness of the advertising in  
drawing buyers into dealer showrooms. 
	Even the automakers, most of which launched websites in just the past  
year, haven't been able to tell whether their websites are convincing 
Internet browsers to buy. More than 30 automakers have pages on the 
World Wide Web. 
	Automotive Consultants Manager Gordon Wangers says, ``It appears that  
the Internet is a good fit for the automakers and will play an 
increasingly important role in marketing of cars and trucks.'' 
The Top 10 websites:  
	1. Toyota  
	2. BMW  
	3. Lexus  
	4. Honda  
	5. GM's Pontiac  
	6. GM's Cadillac  
	7. GM's Chevrolet  
	8. Chrysler's Jeep  
	9. Ford  
	10. Isuzu

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