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Another Ten Best Automaker website rating

Sorry for the extra bandwith, but I had sent the other post too quickly.
Here is another/different story on the web-site rating. I find it
interesting that BMW is that high up... didn't someone say "why can't Audi
be like BMW?" :-)

Well, perhaps regarding web pages, yes, but not when it comes to cars....
(no flame-war initiative intended...)

Nonetheless, I guess I would rather have a decent dealer network instead...
you know.. one that understands and caters to our needs, with respect and
friendliness. Is that too much to ask? I'd gladly forgo an attractive
web-page for that!!

   SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 11, 1996--  

          Initial Evaluation Gives Auto Websites High Marks  

   According to a recent survey, car and truck manufacturers are  
aggressively utilizing the Internet to communicate with owners and 
   "It appears that the Internet is a good fit for the automakers  
and will play an increasingly important role in marketing of cars 
and trucks," said Gordon Wangers, managing partner of 
San Diego-based Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. (AMCI), which 
recently evaluated the websites of more than 30 automakers. 
   "Not all of the sites we reviewed were equal, but almost  
all of them were interesting, informative, fairly entertaining and 
quite user-friendly.  The automakers are clearly committed to this 
technology," Wangers said. 
   The criteria for evaluating the carmakers' websites included  
user-friendliness, graphic quality, availability of video and sound 
and interactivity. 
   "These websites provide the auto companies with a greatly  
expanded capability -- compared to traditional advertising methods 
-- to provide large amounts of specific vehicle information, 
initiate dialogue with customers and prospects and motivate 
consumers to visit a dealership," said Wangers. 

AMCI's top ten rated automotive websites were:
1.  Toyota                   6.  Cadillac
2.  BMW                      7.  Chevrolet
3.  Lexus                    8.  Jeep
4.  Honda                    9.  Ford
5.  Pontiac                 10.  Isuzu

   Wangers said these ten websites provided huge amounts of  
information on vehicles and equipment, high-quality graphics and 
were very user-friendly.  In addition, most of the websites provided 
maps to the user's nearest dealer, pricing and financing information, 
auto event calendars, E-mail and owner forums and links to other 
automotive Internet sites. 
   Automotive Marketing Consultants Inc. develops and executes  
product-oriented marketing/special events and provides vehicle 
testing, advertising substantiation and sales training for domestic 
and foreign auto manufacturers.

                             Jim Griffin
                        Maryland, USA
   "Perception is often stronger than reality!"
                               '92 100S