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S8 spotted!

Hi all,

Sunday night, returning from an Oleta Adams concert in Nijmegen, I spotted
a fast-moving car in my rear-view mirror. The bright headlights made me
think of a Mercedes or BMW at first, but as he passed me I noticed that it
was an A8 with gleaming door mirrors and large wheels. Ah! The car was
devoid of emblems, with a German IN(golstadt) registration, and black (or
another very dark colour). It went extremely fast. I tried to give chase,
but my humble 1.8 gives up at 120 mph on the clock. As we were getting near
a section of road with lots of speed cameras, I decided to slow down. I
passed it while it was refueling (noticed too late, alas) a little later.
The first S8 I saw 'in the flesh'. It looked great, but perhaps a little
too stealthy even for an Audi.



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