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Re: Speed traps and Radar

Hairy green toads from Mars made steve powers say:

> Sean said
> > How do they know if you have one?  Well, do you have it stuck to your
> > windshield?  Is it's cord hanging down in plain view?  When they hit you
> > with radar, do your brake lights go on?  Remember, if they're going the
> One of the things I've often thought about is adding a small circuit
> which detects the radar being on and interrupts your braking circuit,
> e.g.  disabling your brakelights. If it was done, I'd want just a one-time
> hit, so you could dynamite the brakes just once without having the lights
> come on. Second and subsequent applications would work as normal. The
> circuit could be reset once the radar signal goes away.

Won't help.

Usually they're in front of you. Years ago, I got stopped for 75
in a 65 zone on interstate 93. The cop said he knew I had a detector
because he saw my nose dip as soon as he hit the gun.


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