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Re: more right tie rod headache - coupe

Huw laments:

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So, it's fairly easy to remove the right tie rod on a car with no engine in
it.  I couldn't help but notice that my tools and arms were pretty much
where the engine is in my car, though.  In fact, as I recall, there is a LOT
of stuff in the way of where I was working, like the head, the distributor,
the coil, the PS reservoir, the heater hoses, several wiring harnesses, etc.

Has anyone tackled this?  Is this one on those situations where one has to
spend four hours in pain, turning nuts 5 degrees at a time while not being
able to see them?  Please say it ain't so....
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I never had a big problem.  Remove the nuts first, then the bolts since
the steering rack end is threaded also.  I believe that if you turn the
wheel all of the way one way or the other it will be more accessible.
I seem to remember that if you steer all of the way to the right it is
reachable from below.  If you steer somewhat left it is reachable from
above.  The nuts should be on the forward side, the bolts go in from the
rear.  It is cramped, but I can get to the nuts with a 1/2" drive

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe