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Re: Help-Looking for Audi 90 rear spoiler

> Your friendly Audi dealer has an accessory look-alike spoiler available
> fit your car.  It is made of plastic instead of the original aluminum and
> much more reasonably priced.  The only cosmetic difference between the
> accessory and OEM is that the plastic spoiler has two small verical
> in the center.  The original was free-standing in the center and only
> attached at the ends.  Look closely at a a variety of 90's and you'll
> probably find that a number of them are the "cost-effective" replacement.

Not true my '91 90q-20v has a metal spoiler, AND has the two center
supports. The "free standing" unit didn't appear until the second
generation 90s hit the US market, which BTW was a wider car so I doubt it
would fit on earlier incarnations. The only spoilers I've see on pre 1991
80/90s are the lips which appeared on 80q (ALA '68 Camaro) and the double
support on the 90q.