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Re: Speed traps and Radar

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:12:14 -0500 (EST) Andrew Duane USG/PE
<duane@zk3.dec.com> wrote:

>> Sean said
>> > How do they know if you have one?  Well, do you have it stuck to
>> > windshield?  Is it's cord hanging down in plain view?  When they
>hit you
>> > with radar, do your brake lights go on?  Remember, if they're going
>> One of the things I've often thought about is adding a small circuit
>> which detects the radar being on and interrupts your braking circuit,
>> e.g.  disabling your brakelights. If it was done, I'd want just a
>> hit, so you could dynamite the brakes just once without having the
>> come on. Second and subsequent applications would work as normal. The
>> circuit could be reset once the radar signal goes away.
>Won't help.
>Usually they're in front of you. Years ago, I got stopped for 75
>in a 65 zone on interstate 93. The cop said he knew I had a detector
>because he saw my nose dip as soon as he hit the gun.

Just 2 quick points:

1. If you disable your brake lights, you may not get a speeding ticket.
Instead, you may get rear-ended by the bus behind you.
2. Breaking when you see a cop is not illegal and except for Virginia
and D.C., radar detectors are not illegal anywhere in the States. And
unless you're all alone on the road, the cop cannot tell which car
causes a particular radar reading - and sometimes it's not a moving
vehicle at all! 
Anyway, since he (or she) needs to make a decision and _fast_, she (or
he) simply looks for the most likely candidate. It could be the shinny
car. It could be the sports car. It could be the car in the left lane.
It could be the car breaking heavily. It doesn't matter, "because they
all speed." It doesn't matter, because only 7% of the tickets are
contested in court. And it doesn't matter as long as the  quota is met.
In most cases you'll become 'it' by 
1.not paying attention to your surroundings 
2.drawing attention to yourself by your car and/or your driving.

Ivan  Shudder-free and Gala-free 97A4Q
MA NMA Activist

(Class dismissed  :-)