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Top Gear


I finally got an issue of Top Gear with the GRpB comparison.  Sharp eyed readers
will see the 10 injector intake manifold on the Sport Q.  Thirsty car eh?

It is a good article.  The opening describing the sound of the sport Q at full
song, heard before even seen justly describes what seeing these cars, I mean
hearing them tear through the woods must have been like for those so lucky.

Funny to hear Vatenin (sp) describe the Ford RS200 as not up to par with "only
450hp" on tap.  It wasn't a full spec GrpB car.  As an evolution RS200 they
produced up 700hp when they hit the Rally Cross circuit.  Only 450hp!

Also the guy with the 4000q "Alaska" car called me.  I have to get back to him.

Bob D., he is in Seymour CT, your woods.