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Re: 4ksq tail light/head light problem

I had the same thing happend to my '86 4kcsq. It was the contacts on the
headlight switch. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the current for
the headlights goes through this switch. I was able to re-establish
contact and have since installed relays for both low and high beam, with
the switch only having current to trip the relays, power to the lights
fused direct from battery.

Hope this helps - jon

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, Brian Bressler wrote:

> Hello out there:
> I was driving home on I-5 when I as pulled over by a state troopper.  My 
> tail lights were not on.  Luckily he didn't cite me.  
> I hope one of you can shed light onto my situation.  When I turn my 
> parking lights on (the first click) my tail lights and instument cluster 
> lights come on, but when I turn on my head lights (second click) the 
> cluster lights and the tail lights go out.  It sounds like a crossed 
> wire, but I don't know too much about that sort of stuff.  Any help or 
> advice would greatly be appreciated.  All this after I finally fixed the 
> reverse lights that were permenently on.
> Thanks in advance.
> Brian Bressler
> 85 4ksq
> oly, wa