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RE: Audis in the movies

> I think we have seen this string before, but I have a new one.  I think the 
> movie is a John Hughes flick "Something Wonderful" or something with the word 
> "wonderful" in the title.  Anyhow, a 5K wagon is featured in the movie, as is 
> a 5K 4-dr in Ferris Beullers Day off.
> I was channel surfing last night and the sight of an Audi 200 Quattro sedan 
> caught my attention.   It was prominently featured in "The Living Daylights" 
> starring Timothy Dalton as James Bond.  I started watching the chase scenes 
> and then later he gets into another Audi: this time a 200TQ Wagon.  The 
> Audis didn't have all the trick stuff as in the Aston.    So which other 
> movies have Audis been spotted in?
... familiar thread ... since it seems to come up every once in a while 
it might be good if someone put it in the archives!

I don't recall seeing this one before, so I thought I'd chime in.  In another
Bond movie (View To A Kill) Patrick McNee takes the Rolls to a gas station to
be washed.  In the station are some kind of Renault, with the bad gals, a Mini
and an older Audi 80 (AKA Fox).  Since the Fox is near and dear to my heart I
thought I'd mention it.  This one was red and not in prime condition ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
'78 Audi Fox GTI 4+5 (ACHTZIG) ... perhaps soon to leave the fold ...