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RE: A4 1.8TQ Manual-3 at dealer

> From:          Peter Henriksen <peterhe@microsoft.com>
> To:            "'Sherry & Chuck Clark'" <clark@rmi.net>,
>                "'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'"
>                <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject:       RE: A4 1.8TQ Manual-3 at dealer
> Date:          Thu, 12 Dec 1996 11:17:07 -0800

> Isn't it curious that AoA hasn't seemed to drum this up at all?
> Apparently nobody on this list knew about it and you'd be hard pressed
> to find much of anything going on in Audi Land that where that's the
> case.
> Sometimes you've got to wonder about them...
>>>>> Exactly! I didn't hear one thing about these cars being over 
here to drive and test between the two A4's. Typical!

 - peter, peterhe@microsoft.com
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> >Subject:	A4 1.8TQ Manual-3 at dealer
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> >Hello Q-land,
> >
> >             This is to follow my previous post on the 3 A4 1.8TQ 
> >5speeds that I've seen at the local dealership for about 3 weeks now. 
> >I had to call them up today and ask them what's going on as nobody 
> >else seems to have any of these on dealer lots around the country.  
> >He explained that the 3 on his lot were part of an Audi ride and 
> >drive campaign where one could drive the A4 1.8TQ 5 speed to see how 
> >much they liked the car and compare it to the 2.8 V6 5 speed.  
> >Everyone loved these cars! The problem? The Department of 
> >Transportation wouldn't think of letting Audi sell these particular 
> >A4's to anyone as they are European models of course. This explains 
> >the Km/hr speedo.  
> >          I begged him to let me drive one of these today. The 
> >answer? You guessed it-a definite no since the campaign is over. 
> >Damn!
> >         So why are these cars still on the lot? He says Audi is just 
> >being lazy and hasn't shipped them back yet. (Anyone know of a good 
> >hotwiring technician?) He says that everyone drools all over the 
> >Yellow one! Too bad says I. Guess we'll be waiting till January here.
> >          
> >                             Chad Clark