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Re: Wheel Fantasy-correct offset

> Date:          Fri, 13 Dec 1996 13:47:41 -0500
> From:          WARATAP@aol.com
> To:            clark@rmi.net
> Cc:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       Re: Wheel Fantasy-correct offset

> In a message dated 96-12-13 10:59:31 EST, you write:
> <<       Most Audi's (Except 4000's , Coupe GT's, 80's 
>  and 90's)  have 5lug 112mm bolt patterns. Most Audi's later than and 
>  including '91 200 20V's also have the 35mm offset too. This is really too
> bad as I 
>  would love some A4 16" Five spokes on my car! 
>            So guys-let us know whats you gots on dem cars of yours!
>                     Chad Clark '87 5TQ - with bowed rear quarters >>
> Well, Chad
> Here goes:
> Those A4 wheels you'd like to use on your car can be had (although not from
> me, I'm afraid).  Part No. 8DO-601-025-C-Z17.  These are 16 x 7 and ET
> 45(Einpre_tiefe) and list at $381.17 ea. at my local dealer.  I know 'cause I
> really was hoping to get those or A8 wheels for my V8Q, but the offset for A8
> is ET42 for the 7x16 and ET48 for the 8x17's.  So while I'm s.o.l., you're
> not (pocketbook withstanding).  My stock wheels are 15x7.5 aero standard
> ET35.

      So realistically speaking, these rims will fit on a 5TQ because 
the offset is correct at 45mm. I'll look into this. I'll also laugh 
at the price per wheel. I don't want them that bad.  Anyway, these 
same A4 rims should fit on your V8 Q because the offset is higher-not 
lower. The reason they won't fit on your V8 Q is because I presume 
you still have the UFO brakes and the wheels will not fit around the 
calipers right? They might also look a little funny because they will 
sit inwards of the fenders and not look "filled out" anymore right?

      Anyway, I'll look into it. Thanks for the info. Anyone willing 
to part with their A4 16 inchers for cheap. Come on , it's Christmas!

                                         Chad Clark