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Re: Sticky Lifters...

> From:          liju@travelin.com
> Subject:       Sticky Lifters...
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Date:          Fri, 13 Dec 1996 07:01:27 -0800

> Hey Guys,
> My 87 5kTq seems to not like the cold all of a sudden. When I start up in the 
> morning I hear a lot clicking from the engine. I positive its the lifters. Is 
> there a simple way of just addding stronger lubricant or something similar to 
> the motor oil to stop the lifters from sticking? I run Mobil 1 10W30 synthetic 
> oil right now. Should I change the grade of oil? Please advise.
> TIA.
> Liju  87 5kTq.
    Well I'm the guy that Dan Hussey was referring to when he spoke 
of the friend that added that snake oil   "Marvel mystery oil"
to the crankcase and the lifters quieted themselves. I did that about 
2 years ago and the lifters really did run silent for about a year. 
They always clack on the really cold mornings (around 10-20
 degrees F) anyway. I run the Castrol Synth. blend and quality Mahle 
filters. I think the OEM filters with the anti bypass valve in them 
really make alot of difference as far as quick lubrication to the 
head is concerned. Bosch makes the good filters also. I get them for  
cheap through my mechanic- $5 per filter- rather than $$$ from the 
local  dealership. I just deal with the clack for the first 5-10 
seconds on cold mornings. You can always replace those sticky lifters 
(which I may do this next summer) but it'll run you anywhere from 
$120-do it yourself to $300 or more from the local bend you over 
dealership. Try a good quality filter first. There are listers who 
have used Frams and report no lifter noise through many miles though. 

                     Chad Clark
                           '87 5TQ