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RE: headlight relays..

>To: quattro@coimbro.ans.net
>From: cyclops@mindlink.bc.ca (michael mulholland)
>Subject: RE: headlight relays..
>perhaps you could get really fancy and use a thermistor or something
similar which starts out at about 25 ohms and varies to ~1 ohm as it heats
up at the 1 ohm rating it is quite hot and could trip a thermally sensitive
relay to apply full power to the lights. this method would give both soft
-on and full power. btw a thermistor has a finite life span so carry a spare. 
>ernest wong said,
>About this soft start for incandescent headlights,
>Am I that much an idiot to turn on my headlights in the "high beam"
>position to let the less often abused high beam filament take the higher
>current load?
>82 lada 1600 with momo and very noisy
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