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Re: The "other" first gear

Mark Quinn/HNS wrote:
> Thank you Shaun for your sage, sarcastic and 'holier than thou'
> comments.  Get back to me after you experience going through a
> green light at 30mph and a drunk runs the red directly infront of
> you such that you hit him broadside with no possible chance of
> avoidance (as happened to me).  Then tell me about "hankie-wringing".
> -Mark Quinn

You are welcome to read anything you want into my remarks, and have.  My
view is simple: ABS is great.  Airbags do save lives.  But the most
important device of all is simple common sense, which as you infer, is
not standard equipment with too many motorists.  The "hankie-ringing"
comment refers to people on the list, and you and I obviously are not
among them, who are compelled to deconstruct the viability of the safety
devices of the last 15 years because they may not work as intended in
one arcane or unusual situation or another, thereby overlooking that
such devices work just fine for most of us.  Sorry about your accident. 
And have a nice day.

-- Shaun