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Re: Alignment results

Jim Wyeth wrote:
>I forgive you for returning to "the butchers"(SEARS) because I took mine
>back to them this weekend to get them to rebalance my wheels, for the
>n^th time.  I still need to get them to fix the alignment and bottoming
>	My question is, I have developed a shimmy that comes and goes at
>highway speeds (60-85).  I looked, and noticed that my p/s resevior was
>seeping a little and made my inner tie rod bushings soft/gooey/useless.
>Could this cause it, if not what will it do, and must I fix it now (I am
>spending way too much on school to be able to run out and do this
>tomorrow).  Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated.
>--BTW-- Could this also cause SEARS to &^%$# up the alignment all the
>time?? Thanks

    Returning to Sears wasn't an easy experience. I think they should have a
surgeon general's warning, noting that auto-repair by sears has been shown to
cause stress and exacerbate heart-conditions. 
    I would look first at the tires themselves and the balancing involved. I
purchased some really crap tires for my '85 MR2 a few years ago. Previously, I
had run on decent rubber.. Michelin MXVs, and then Dunop D60M2s. With the crap
tires (Outso?), grip was pathetic and the front end shimmied at highway speeds.
A dozen wheel balances later, the problem still persists. 
    I always get the same questions from the crappy dealer who sold me the
tires; "why didn't you take this to us earlier with your problem?"
How 'bout because the car is driven rarely (only in nice weather) and that it
sits 3.5 hours from where I live? 
    I've put on maybe 7K miles on that car in the past three years, and keep
reminding myself that I need to get Firestone to replace those crap tires.
When to do it is another question entirely.
    How long has the shimmy been there? Was it there before the butchers went
to work? 
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (149K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY