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Re: Further 4000 questions

On 14 Dec 1996, Andrew Buc wrote:

> First, thanks to everyone who responded to my original "Get a 4000?" post! 
> This is my first experience with a listserver, and I'm really impressed! I 
> received a lot of good info!
> Now that I have some basic info, the next round of questions:
> What displacements did the 4- and 5-cyl engines in the 4000 come in, and what 
> years were they used? I've been quoted highway gas mileage figures in the high 
> 30s for a 4-cyl stick-shift 4000--what about for a 5-cyl?
> What goodies do you get in a 4000CS that you don't in a lesser 4000? Is a 
> sunroof one of them? My Peugeots have spoiled me for sunroofless cars, and one 
> nice thing about calling up on a 504 sedan is not having to ask if it has a 
> sunroof--you know it does!
> I probably won't spring for a 4000Q, nice as that would be. I'll settle for a 
> beer car, not a champagne car (no reference to paint color here!) so I can 
> have champagne-level stuff in other areas of my life! However, we're talking a 
> microbrew car, not a Budweiser car (such as a [gag, retch] Hyundai).
> Thanks again!
> --Andrew Buc, Seattle, WA; Internet: 72220.443@compuserve.com
Before you decide exactly what you are buying, you may want to test drive 
a Q.  All I've got to say is the difference is night and day!  I test 
drove both myself, and found the Q to be to exciting to let go.  Yes, the 
Q's are more expensive, but well worth it.  If you don't care about the 
all wheel drive system then I urge you to find a GT to test.  These 
models have the five cylinder engine the base 4000 lacks.  If you think 
Peugoet's are extraordinary autos, then you'll feel quite the same behind 
the wheel of some German steel. NOW SCHNELL! Buy an AUDI!