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Re:97 A4 Motion Sensors/Audi Telephone pin-outs/Seat Comfort

Dan Masi said:

> This would imply that
> the only way to really test the system would be to smash a window,
> or put a jack-in-the-box in the car (if anyone has one, can I
> borrow it?  :-) 

Actually I don't use a jack-in-the-box, but get the same embarrassing
effect inadvertantly when I lock my sleeping dog in the back seat while
go in to a store.  She wakes up, yawns, and off goes the alarm.  (I know
there is a button on the B-pillar to turn off the sensor, and it works
fine--when I remember it.)  

For you engineering types, the dog is a 45 pound Australian Shepherd,
and all she has to do is move a _little_ bit.  Your Poodle May Vary.