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'87 5k exhaust manifold removal question...

Yesterday afternoon, I spent 2-1/2 hours attempting the pull the cylinder
head on my mother's '87 5k ... as you may recall, two weeks ago I replaced
all of the injector seals and inserts, and had two of the injector tips stay
in the head when the injector itself was removed.  Also, three of the five
injector inserts broke into pieces, some of which (presumably) found their
way into the cylinders.

I wasn't able to remove the last of the four bolts holding the downpipe to
the manifold so figured I'd remove the manifold instead ... unfortunately,
the bottom bolts for the 4th and 5th cylinders don't appear to be readily
accessible with the downpipe in place and I'm not sure that removing the
motor mount and starter will allow me to reach them from below.

So, my questions are as follows: 1) Since I was able to retrieve the broken
injector tip from the intake manifold, I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't
worry about any plastic pieces that found their way into the motor and just
button it back up; or 2) assuming I decide to take it apart the rest of the
way, is there any magic way to get at those last two bolts on the exhaust
manifold?  Given my resources, this looks a lot easier than trying to get
the last bolt out from the downpipe side...

Any input will be appreciated since the sooner I get this car back together,
the sooner my mother stops driving my father's car and the sooner I can stop
driving him to and from work every day!

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