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The Hakka Report!

  Well kiddies, it is snowing HARD here in CO., and it happened so fast
that froze REAL quick. I just got home from a drive that should have
taken me 20 inutes and it took me an hour and a half!

  Unfortunatly I wasn't in my Q (my better half feels a lot better when
she is driving it), but I was driving a front wheel drive VW with
175/70-14 Hakka 10's on all four. They were absolutly amazing! Passed
numerous 4Wd's and traction control equiped japanese vehicle's. My advice
to anyone who lives in inclimate weather is...RUN do not walk to go get
these tires! I would not be typing this right now, had I not had these

  BTW, any of you listers here in CO., be VERY careful tonight going home!
Thwe roads are the worst I have seen in years! 

 Just my $.02 worth on the snow tire talk.

Laters, Ben
Lakewood, CO
83' UrQ #346
87' 4KCSQ