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Re: battery moving - was tie rods

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Hmm, at first I thought, "that's a lot of trouble!" but I just realized that
I already have a four gauge wire running from the trunk to the engine
compartment, and it would let me star ground the whole stereo directly to
the battery terminal... Where did you mount it?  Did you install a new tray?
 How about fumes - the trunk is not isolated from the passenger compartment
- danger Will Robinson?

>Move your battery to the trunk like I did and the improovement in 
underhood space is amazing!!!  The tray is spot welded in but the  welds are
not strong and the tray comes out very easy.  I've done  this on both my
Coupe and 4kq.  4kq owners can afrer that remove the  pass side driveshaft
without taking the downpipe off!!

>> So, it's fairly easy to remove the right tie rod on a car with no engine
> it.  I couldn't help but notice that my tools and arms were pretty much
> where the engine is in my car, though.  In fact, as I recall, there is a
> of stuff in the way of where I was working, like the head, the distributor
> the coil, the PS reservoir, the heater hoses, several wiring harnesses,
> Has anyone tackled this?  Is this one on those situations where one has to
> spend four hours in pain, turning nuts 5 degrees at a time while not being
> able to see them?  Please say it ain't so....
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