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'89 200TQ: control pressure regulator help needed

Hello, virtual club!

In the light of a coming winter trip to Canada I fidally decided to adress
anothe old problem:

The car starts fine in any wheather, but in the temperatures below  -5C I
have to keep the foot on the gas pedal until it warmes up or the engine

How does the control pressure regulator knows the temperature? Does it have a
temperatute sensor built into it? Can it be tested? Can it be disassembled?
Once I am at it I would like to increase the system fuel pressure, 'coz my
car runs lean and pings under high boost. Ned told me at the Glen this summer
that I can drive something in with a drift and a hammer. Has anyone done it?
What would be the reference point? Should I screw up here, can it bre

Also does control pressure regulator take a temperature reading off one of
the numerous temperature sensors, that my car has? If so, where is it
located? Can it be tested? I can bring a brick of dry ice from work, so I can
replicate the cold weather. Just tell me what to test and I'll slam that part
with CO2 @-60C and measure whatever has to be measured.

Thx in advance.

Igor Kessel