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Re: 1984 4000s Quattro for sale

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From: "John Meek" <jmeek@mailhost.Net1.Net>
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Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:35:36 CST
Subject: Re: 1984 4000s Quattro for sale
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I have not set a firm price yet.  The market seems to put them in the 
3800 - 4500 range through dealers.  I would expect to sell for 
somewhat less than that.  Please feel free to make an offer.

John L. Meek
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This was the 4kq listed for sale earlier today....  Thought others mike like to share in the low mileage, high price dimensia.  Heck, Bob 
D'Amto COULD HAVE (SHOULD HAVE) gotten and 85 TQC with lower mileage for about that price...

(sorry Bob, that story really hurt to read!)

-Stott Hare      
'84 4Ksq  (black _& blue_, have turbo, waiting to install...)
Biddeford, Maine