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urQ to be repaired.

Hi all,

Finally I have received confirmation ( to my great relief ) that my newly
aquired urQ is to be repaired. The parts have been ordered through the
local Audi dealer but no ETA is available as yet.

My guess is that I'll get it back round mid-February, until then I guess I just
have to start saving for a new set of tires, Falken 410's I think. Any one
with recommendations? No, it doesn't snow in Brisbane. 10K+ miles
would be ok for wear. I am planning to take it club racing, hill climbing,
motorkana once a month so I need something sticky. To be in Class B and
not the class A (competition class) I need to run tires with a wear rating
of over 100 if that means anything. BTW Dunlop Formula R is less than

'81 urQ (resting quietly after an unscheduled departure from the drive)