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'85/'86 4ksQ 4 sale in RI for $500.00

Hi Gang,

	I was out at a local "watering hole" last Friday night "chattin' up" a
young lady I know and ended up having a nice conversation with her
boyfriend...just my luck:-/ Anyway, this guy has a '85 or '86 4ksQ he wants to
be rid of for $500.00. I haven't seen the car, but he says it either has noisy
lifters or an engine knock he's not sure which. I tried to explain to him about
the aux. vacuum pump in those cars, but he claims he just wants to get a new
car and the first $500.00 can have it. He claims the only rust is a little bit
on the leading edge of the hood; I think he said it was silver/blue. If anyone
is interested let me know and I'll try to find this guy again...I run into his
girlfriend a couple of times a week...fine young lady:-) This car is in Rhoda
Rico...aka southern Rhode Island.

	Also, I've been having problems off and on for the last few years with
my windshield washers in the winter time. They work in the summer but not in
the winter. A couple of years ago AudiOnly sent me a new one-way valve for the
system and that cured it for one season; last winter and this winter no
washers. My pump was making enough pressure to blow the pump housing off the
electric motor, so I glued them together. I could hear it running but lil' or
no water made it to the squirters. I was in the auto parts store the other day
and tried to look up a cheap replacment pump for my car; the books didn't even
list Audis, figures, and for VW's a universal pump was listed that screwed into
the fire wall. Well, I went through a few of the reference books from the
windshield wiper guys and eventually cross referenced a part for a VW from a
maker they didn't carry to a part on the shelf. The short of it is that it
works fine again, but I think the real problem was that one-way valve gets old
and hard after 10 years. The Anco 61-15 comes with both a new one-way valve and
a new pump that fits into the reservoir like the ol' grey one did. If you could
just get the one-way valve you'd probably be all set, but I was in a hurry and
I don'r know if they are sold separately. The Anco 61-15 isn't in the book as
fitting '87 5kCSQ's or any Audi for that matter, but it works fine. I hope this
helps someone...Best of the Season to y'all:-)

						Happy motoring,


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