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A4q Radio question

I live in an area (New York City) where a nice looking radio is an
invitation to the so inclined to break a car's window and take that
radio away. I've been told by dealers that the A4 radios are coded so
that even if they're stolen, they can't be reused in another vehicle.
That news is useless unless the idiot who breaks the window has been
educated to the fact; fat chance. They'll still break the window and
take the radio. If it doesn't work they just throw it in the river or
nail it to the wall as decor.

So who makes a pullout version for A4s? How can the original be pulled?
Is it a hassle? I've noticed that dealers who park their new cars in a
semi-public place pull the radios to prevent just such an event as I'm
worried about. I'd appreciate any replies that can help solve this
dilemma and especially email responses. Thanks.