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Shifting ruminations ... 5kq upgrades

I've been perusing a number of different microfiche while contemplating 
options for my upcoming tranny swap.  I posted my impressions that the 
clutched "center diff" on the automatic v8q is not separated from the rest,
so I doubt that it would be easy to fit one of these to a manual box to 
allow computerized front/rear split.  While checking out the fiche I did 
notice that the 5-speed on the v8q has an integral oil pump.  Is anyone 
out there in cyber-land familiar with these beasts?  Can the v8q tranny 
be retrofitted on the back of a 5-cyl motor?  What are the benefits for 
having the pump in the tranny?  

I also noticed that the older 5ks have two different EM-head gaskets,
while the 200Q with the MC engine calls out only one.  Does anyone know
if the new part number will work on the older cars ... and if there is 
any performance benefit to be gained?

	068 129 589 A - 5kCSQ cyl 1-2
	068 129 589 B - 5kCSQ cyl 3-5
	028 129 589 B - 200Q all cylinders ...

I've also noticed some different part numbers on some of the turbo oil line 
gaskets as well between the 5kT and 200.  

All suggestions/experiences glad accepted ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)