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>OK, even as you all know, I would like to sell my Turbo Quattro Coupe. 
>Why? Because Im building a house, and would like the money. But this 
>weekend, I was at an independant used 'exotic' dealer, and they HAD a 
>TQC. You ready for this? It was a 1985, 47,000 original Miles. Black, 
>sexxy. 7" wheels. IT SOLD FOR $4500 DOLLARS!!!! 
>Even though I want to sell my 83, I would have bought this one in a 
>heartbeat. I was two hours too late. I wish I could die now.

Yeah Bob, but did it still have the engine intact!?  ;)  Was it a
drug repo with bullet holes down both sides?  Somethin' just
sounds fishy there!  ;)



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