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Re: Capitol Import Automotive - CIA

Cannot tell you if they have closed, but they were certainly in a lot of 
financial trouble.  At one time, the same group that owned Motorwerks of 
Barrington and the Autohaus in Rockford, IL also owned CIA.  

They moved to the NW side of Milwaukee and built 3 large showrooms; one 
for Infiniti, one for Mitsubishi and the 3rd one for Porsche, Audi, 
Volvo, Saab and Subaru.

About a year or so ago, they sold off the Porsche franchise to Concours 
Motors.  I was up there a few weeks ago, and the used car lot was empty, 
the P/A showroom was vacant and everything had been relocated back to the 
Mitsu building.  

If they did go bey up, that makes Brookfield Motorcar Company the only 
Audi dealer in all of southeast Wisconsin.  Brookfield Motorcar is the 
old Jeffords Motors, a longtime P/A/BMW/MB dealer in these parts.  I 
heard from an MB driving friend that they were about to be sold to Mauro 
Motors, a mega-dealer in SE WI.

If all of the above is true, I really hope Concours picks up the Audi 
franchise.  I've bought all my Audis (4) and Porsches (3) from the same 
salesman who moved over to Concours when they bought the Porsche franchise.

Bill Murin
'87 4kq

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Roland Broberg wrote:

> Rumor has it that Capitol Import Automotive in Milwaukee has closed due 
> to financial problems.  Can anyone confirm?  CIA was a large Audi, 
> Saab, Mits, Porsche house that had invested heavily in physical plant.
> Roland