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wet/expensive Audis

Hi all,

In the news here yesterday: work has been started on clearing the
Amsterdam-Rijn Canal of car wrecks, put there after being stolen and
stripped. It was estimated that 230 cars would come out, but after only a
couple of miles that number had already come out. Most expensive car was a
Porsche 911.
There were clearly stretches of water where the same thieves always dumped
the cars, because in one spot there were only BMWs and in one spot only VWs
and Audis. Get your barnacle-covered Audi spares cheap now! ;-)
Apparently, recovering and scrapping a car by ship costs $7000...

On a different subject altogether, while trying to pass the 20 mins I was
early for an appointment, I went over the used cars of the local VAG
dealership. Couple of nice B3/B4 Audi 80s, a goodlooking C4 100 Avant,
and... a 1983 Coupe GT 5S! That's a very rare car here, and it was in a
beautiful shape. Even though it looked absolutely immaculate, they'll
probably never sell it... at equiv $5700!
It will be quite interesting to see how long they keep this car...

1988 80 1.8S

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