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Re: Capitol Import Automotive - CIA

At 09:26 PM 12/16/96 -0800, Roland Broberg wrote:
>Rumor has it that Capitol Import Automotive in Milwaukee has closed due 
>to financial problems.  Can anyone confirm?  CIA was a large Audi, 
>Saab, Mits, Porsche house that had invested heavily in physical plant.

I can confirm it. Three big buildings - all empty. They lost Porsche and
Saab about a year ago, Infiniti about two months ago and closed their doors
last week. At that time they still had Subaru, Mitsubishi and Audi. I had
purchased 4 new Audi's and a Porsche from thewm since '79 when they were
called Mossner Motors. But then what do you expect when they treat a long
term customer (me) to "list price only" on a new Audi? All the other
dealerships around here STARTED better than that. I can only hope that one
of the other quality import dealers in the area (Concours Motors who picked
up Porsche & Sabb to go along with VW, BMW & MB) will take on Audi.

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