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Re: Pikes Peak or Bust '97. More help needed

Hairy green toads from Mars made Nigel Banks say:

> Hi all,
> In principle, we like the idea of shipping the cars to New Jersey and then
> driving to the "Race To The Clouds" at Mt Washington and then to Pikes
> Peak.  However, Phil and I have to admit to being "geographically
> challenged"! Where are Mt Washington and Pikes Peak and what is the
> distance New Jersey to Mt Washington to Pikes Peak and back to New
> Jersey?
> We would need a volunteer to act as our "agent", hopefully in the New
> York/New Jersey area; any volunteers?

Well, I used to live right near the port of Elizabeth in NJ, and now
I live right near Mt. Washington in NH. It's about 6 hour's drive
(OK, 4 by quattro!) between them by highway. A little more if you want
to take the scenic route. I can give lots of suggestions if you want.

>From NH to Pikes Peak is about 3 days, given 15-20 hour days. It adds
up to about 2000-2500 miles (again, depending on route), so figure
40-50 hours of driving.


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