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Re: Coupe going to rear disc brakes

>I installed rear discs from a 1985 VW GTI (to keep my 4x100 wheels).
>There was no need to get a different master cylinder.  Little 
>adjustment on the proportioning valve on the rear axle and in no time 
>I had the rear tires locking up before the fronts.
>It made a night and day difference.  The brake pedal got harder and 
>less pressure was required to stop the car.  Also this was before I 
>went in for the 10.1" discs in front, so fade that was noticed before 
>(under heavy play) was gone with rear discs.  

I hope that was a typo and you actually meant you adjusted to make the
fronts lock up first.  
Otherwise you must like spinning down the highway:-)
Anyway sounds like a good and easy upgrade.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
Bought new snow-tires, hasn't snowed since